Thursday, September 10, 2009

    Online Shopping Mall proudly announces the opening of "The OnlineShoppingMall Marketplace" at! After much careful consideration, OSM has chosen to create a Mall Community Online Selling Marketplace, making a long-time dream a reality in the up and coming FuzzB venue!

  FuzzB's Beta launch occured in 2007, and the latest "Alexa" ranking lists Fuzzb at #27!
 FuzzB's traffic ranking has risen 14 points since May 1st, not a small feat! FuzzB outranks (in amount of views) "Lollishops, Winkelf, Olumdrop and Handmade Fusion!"
   FuzzB features a "MySpace" type social network, user forum, user blogs, users can post store coupons and even upload video commercials! There are SO many features, they cannot all be listed here! Sellers are not limited to handmade items either! Any member of OSM can sell their items on FuzzB!

Sell your products without fees for as low as $5/month.
No registration required to shop!

Click-on the link below, and I think you'll agree~FuzzB is the place to be!
OSM FuzzB Marketplace Signup Link: OnlineShoppingMall Marketplace at Fuzzb
Online Shopping Mall Management
Visit Online Shopping Mall at:

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  1. Hi,
    Just wanted you to know that the link to the traffic rankings has changed as I've updated my blog.
    Here is the new link:


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