Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's Time for shoppers to visit the Mall to take advantage of our once a month, one of a kind, promotion "MALL CRAWL"! A number of our 400 Vendors/Service Providers have chosen to offer specials/sales to Mall visitors/shoppers! The "Mall Crawl" is a promotion occurring once a month, different dates each month!

Participation by Mall members is voluntary, and the list not only includes some regular crawlers, as we are constatntly increasing our member base here at the Mall, you never know what goods/services the Mall Crawl will be boasting! There is a scrolling banner box on the Mall Main Page, simply click-on a banner & you will be taken to that member's Mall Page, where you can not only see pics of their items, you can read about them/their products/services AND see what wonderful "Mall Crawl" deal awaits you!

Come see how far you can crawl beginning (Fri.) Aug. 21 THRU (Fri.) Aug.28th

**There is also a clickable list of participating

members on the main Mall page!**

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  1. What a great idea for blogging. Thanks for the inspiration!


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