Thursday, August 20, 2009


It's Time for shoppers to visit the Mall to take advantage of our once a month, one of a kind, promotion "MALL CRAWL"! A number of our 400 Vendors/Service Providers have chosen to offer specials/sales to Mall visitors/shoppers! The "Mall Crawl" is a promotion occurring once a month, different dates each month!

Participation by Mall members is voluntary, and the list not only includes some regular crawlers, as we are constatntly increasing our member base here at the Mall, you never know what goods/services the Mall Crawl will be boasting! There is a scrolling banner box on the Mall Main Page, simply click-on a banner & you will be taken to that member's Mall Page, where you can not only see pics of their items, you can read about them/their products/services AND see what wonderful "Mall Crawl" deal awaits you!

Come see how far you can crawl beginning (Fri.) Aug. 21 THRU (Fri.) Aug.28th

**There is also a clickable list of participating

members on the main Mall page!**

Gabbriella's Sampler Chatty Party!

Hello Everyone!
Please Join in on our ONLINE CHAT at the Online Shopping Mall for Gabbriella's Sampler. If you are a seller or a shopper you can join in on our chat on Thursday August 20 at 6PM eastern time in the chat room at the Online Shopping Mall.
We look forward to meeting with you & answering any of your questions you may have for us. With the upcoming Holiday Season approaching us you will want to find out what Gabbriella's Sampler has to offer you! So mark your calendars now & we shall see you then!There you can find out more about how to be a contributor, sponsor or buyer of Gabbriella's Sampler! You can learn the plans of the upcoming Holiday Sampler which goes on Sale on November 7.
We wll be tracking who is online with us & a randomizer drawing will be held after the chat & the winner will be announced on Friday August 21. Sign up to be in any of the upcoming samplers (September,October,November Holiday Sampler) and you will get a bonus entry for each month you sign up for. All we ask is that you be sincere about participating because we plan our supplies & space accordingly. Looking forward to meeting with you!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Who Exactly Are We?

The OnlineShoppingMall is a “ning” site belonging to “Maureen Daniels”! There are Two Administrators, Myself (Aprilee Lawson), and “Kathy Adams”. The Mall (as we call it) is totally free to be a member! All interested will have to fill out an application, but most all family-friendly applicants are accepted! We try to achieve a “balance” at the Mall! In other words, we don’t want a certain type of vendor/service provider monopolizing Mall membership! That being the case, some applicants are denied but only in the interest of having a diverse Mall community! Like to shop? You too can join the Mall! The Mall is for all! We even have a “Featured Member Of The Week”!

We have Vendor Parties, which are free for our members to promote their shops/services! Mall management is always happily providing support to ALL members (It’s what we do)! We have a monthly calender, for which open spots in the chatroom may be reserved for members own promotions, etc. (again, FREE)! We have many groups in our “Groups Area”. We have many Forum discussions as well! The Mall’s objective is to help everyone involved in e-commerce succeed! We have mentoring opportunities for those wishing to mentor & those requesting mentor ship (FREE)! ALL of the wonderful opportunities offered at the Mall are COMPLETELY FREE! The only thing charged for at the Mall is banner/Avatar advertisement! Understand, all shops/services are listed in the Mall Directory completely free! Members even have a photo (of their choice) listed in a section devoted to samples of Mall members items! AND: your Mall “MyPage”, as well as groups to list your sales in! Come on over and have a look around! Stop by one of our Vendor Parties! Don’t know how to use our chatroom? Simply go into the “Groups” area and click-on “Mall Tutorials Group”! You can watch my tutorial on how to access & utilize the Chat Room!

We have amassed a WONDERFUL group of members! We have somehow managed to draw-in honest, giving, helpful, sharing, thoughtful individuals! We have groups based-on, and donating to charities! We even have groups for members that need a hand in these rough times! If this sounds like a great way to promote your goods/services, come-on over and have a look at what the Mall is doing! It is a VERY active site, with SO many friendly members!